Alexander "Lex" Alexeyev
guitars, loop effects
Alexander played his first concert as a guitarist in the early nineties and since that time he appears on the stage a lot. Alexander performed in different genres from blues rock to hard-n-heavy over his career and played in several alternative and industrial bands. In 2008 Alexander decided to start working at the music material for his solo project. Two years later this work led to creation of the instrumental trio Reserve de Marche. Nowadays Alexander devotes his creativity to the work in Reserve de Marche. Some time ago musicians from the Human Factor band invited Alexander to participate in the record of their first studio album. So he produced and recorded some guitar lines for it.
Nikita Kharitonov

In 2005 Nikita started his music career in a melodic-death band Deviant Syndrome. In the period between 2005 and 2009 Nikita played in several other bands, but later he returned to Deviant Syndrome and recorded the debut album with them. Nowadays Nikita continues collaborating with the band as the author of lyrics.
In 2011 Nikita took part in recording and writing lyrics with a synth-rock band Suita de Ora.
In 2012 he accepted the invitation of Aleksander Alekseev to become the permanent bass player of Reserve de Marche.
One more band collaborating today with Nikita as the author of lyrics is NAOOKA

Konstantin Shtirlitz
At the beginning of 2000s Konstantin played progressive rock with the Infront band and released two studio albums with it. When the band broke up in 2011 Konstantin created his space-rock project Human Factor. Nowadays Human Factor is preparing the new studio album, which will be released in 2016.
In 2012 American violinist and multi-instrumentalist Andy Didorenko invited Konstantin to work with symphonic prog Lost World Band.
Konstantin has wide experience of concert work and can be easily met on different Russian and European music festivals.